4 easy ways to humanize your brand and make it more appealing

People don’t buy from businesses. People buy from other people. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Business to Business (B2B) seller or a Business to Customer (B2C) seller, ultimately all forms of selling is a human to human interaction. Hence, the more meaningful and genuine this interaction is, the better the chances of winning the trust of your prospects and customers.

But then, why do organizations forget this simple fact? Instead of connecting with the humane and emotional side of their customers, they try to impress them with messages that boast about their market share and latest product features. The truth is that people need to feel connected before being fascinated. Besides, in today’s chaotic world of marketing, in which every customer is getting deluged under the promotions and offers of companies, having a human touch to your brand will instantly set you apart from your competition. By creating a humane personality for your brand you will be able to relate better with your customers and can even make them your brand loyalists.

So how to go about it? Here are a few steps that you can take to give your brand that quintessential human touch –

1. Have an authentic voice

It’s common knowledge to avoid jargon words and business prose from your content. But that’s not enough. Giving it a personality is the next step. Do away with the detached dry tone and incorporate an informal conversational tone in your content. Let your customers know that everything they are seeing or hearing is coming from a thinking-feeling human being. This approach can do wonders on social media. Be more engaging on Twitter, Instagram, etc. by commenting, sharing, replying to other’s content. Don’t just use your social media accounts as a means of one-way communication.

2. Involve your employees

Let your customers have a sneak peek behind the company’s professional front by sharing your workplace pictures or videos of special events. Show them that behind every service or product they enjoy it’s a bunch of humans that make it possible. Get your employees involved in online discussions and let them present their views about your organization. On social media, not just recognize their work accomplishments but also congratulate them on their personal achievements. This will help in creating an air of liveliness around your brand which will be hard to ignore.

3. Always have a story to tell

Don’t always create promotional material. For a while, forget your audience being a group of potential customers, rather consider them as just ‘people.’ And people love stories. Telling them the story of you being a perfect enterprise with a stellar track record can make you distant from your customers. Share the stories of your failures too, the lessons learned from them, and how you are improving yourself now. The same goes for testimonials. Rather than highlighting the revenue increase of your product-buyers, let your audience know how exactly you helped your buyers to overcome their specific problem. Similarly, revise and refine your website too to show your organization is built around some solid principles and preferences, as laid out by its founders.

4. Get involved in the outside world

The world is huge and your customers can come from anywhere. Being more active on social media and participating in different discussions, forums, QnAs can help bring out your humaneness. Further, several brands like Coco-Cola and Nike do take a stand on current social issues too, which helps them amplify their brand’s popularity. If such participation is not permissible under your organization’s policy then you can organize charity events or educational seminars to involve people from different sections of the world. Activities like these can enhance the trustworthiness of your brand.

Content Writer TSL Marketing