A/B Testing in Email Marketing

Better open and click-through rates result in more website visitors and sales, and every marketer wants that.

But how does email marketing really work?

In the context of email, A/B testing in email marketing is the process of sending one variation of our campaign to a subset of our subscribers and another variation to a different subset of our subscribers, with the ultimate goal of determining which variation of the campaign yields the best results. In simple words it is when you send two or more variations of email to samples of audience & then compare their performance metrics. Click create or open rate to learn what kind of content worked better for our audience.

Traditionally there have been two metrics we could test with email, open rate & click rate. But you must be wondering which subject line will get more of people to open the email or which stand time should we reach out more to our audience the we can run a split test where open rate is winning criteria open rate tests they’re changing though, In the fall of 2021 apple & other tech giants started cracking up on consumer’s privacy and as a result marketer’s can’t test open rates as actually anymore because they can’t track them because of that open rate A/B Tests are actually not as reliable right now , which takes us to the second metric click rate. What do you think would do better an image of the product or user generated content? The best way to know is to run A/B test and let readers show us with their clicks what content moves them better.

It is worth taking out time because it gives an advantage of email marketing on how your mailer will be receive and interact with before you have committed to sending the entire database. Email marketing has massive benefits of email marketing gives us the ability to see how people interacted. We get to see the best email marketing software analysis so we can see how many people read it, collected it or unsubscribed it. This makes the whole process really transparent even the most experienced marketing person doesn’t know how people are going to view their sent mail. Now A/B testing takes all the guess work out of this knowing how it works before you’re committing to sending the massive emails to everybody on the list.

In this simplest form of A/B testing involves taking two small groups of sample contacts from a random point within the database of email contacts typically the two sample groups are about 5% of the entire database, so if have a list of thousand people and take two list for 50 people in each segment and that should be enough to give you good representation. Modern email marketing software should be able to automate this for you can define the variables such as the sample size and variables and A/B test then using a time delay automatically sends to the winning A/B segment the remainder of the database.

There are quite a different variable that we could consider split testing small changes can have a quite a significant change in our analytics results we’ve outlined some of the key variables to consider here subject headline. Small changes in the subject can yield quite different results as it’s the first part our viewers see often it can decide whether they read the email click on it or just delete it lay out what looks great to our design team may not be what performs best at our target market it can be quite hard to get the layout perfectly  right what looks great and what often performs best and so here is worth trying different  images changing titles or styling things a little bit differently to see what chance of our audience best call to action the call to action is a vital parts of emailer. This is the part where we are asking the viewers to do something after reading lamella if the message doesn’t appeal to the viewer or I simply don’t notice it, this could mean our emailer is not acted upon is worth trying different wording variations positioning different design of elements making minor tweaks can have a huge impact in how people engage with mailer. Sometimes this can yield hugely differing results different sometimes work differently with different target audience the internet is full of opinions regarding what is the best time for email marketing is to send now it’s really worth taking the time to conduct this experiment on our own sample lists the same time the best for your subscribers may be completely different to someone else’s subscribers list A/B testing in email marketing is well worth trying for your next mailer the results may be an eye-opener using this technique really helps to understand how to get the best possible conversion rate from our email subscribers.