Are you giving your website its due credit?

B2B marketers continually focus, and all for the right reasons, on improving their social media accounts and presence to establish relevance and connect with their targeted audience. However, the one aspect central to their social media success, the website, is not given due consideration. It is merely considered as a necessary by-product of being a business in the digital age.

Your website is your virtual office, the axle that holds your social media world together and enables inbound traffic.  It makes a deeper impression on prospects than you might think, and is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for your business.

More than any other platform, your website is the top source of information about both your brand and your solution for site visitors. It is your online sales representative, and the prospects’ first point of contact with your business. For many, this first interaction becomes the deciding factor for whether or not they will pursue further communication with you.

Thus, it is not only important to have a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing website, but it should also reflect your brand’s message, purpose and industry expertise with effective content. Make sure that your website is a composition of effective landing pages that seamlessly lead the site visitors from gaining information about your solution to taking a decisive action.

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