Avoid these 5 Email Marketing Messages that Scare Your Customers Away

I am sure we have all heard great things about email marketing. In fact, 81% on SMBs vouch for emails as their primary means of customer acquisition.

Inspite of this, many marketers find that even if they are getting new subscribers, their list of unsubscribers is growing as well. If you are experiencing a similar situation, it is time to take a long, hard look at your existing email marketing strategy.

It is likely that you are caught up in making the common mistakes in sending your messages that drive away customers. Let us have a brief look at them –

Using Clickbait Subject Lines

A subject line is arguably the most important part of the email. You might have crafted the best email in the world, but no one is going to open it if does not have a good enough subject line.

Unfortunately, in a bid to come up with an exceptional sensational one, many digital marketing companies end up with clickbait subject lines. They might get your readers to open the mail, but when they find that the content deviates far from the subject, they are bound to feel deceived.

Avoid misleading subject lines to retain your customers, and their trust.

Starting off Wrong

If you gain a new subscriber, what is the first email you send?

If you start sending promotional emails right off the bat, you run the risk of turning them off. Your first email should be one of welcome, along with your introduction and what they can expect from you. 

Even the subsequent mails you send shouldn’t be too heavy on the sales side. Make your reader, and not you, the hero of the email.

Sending the Same Message to Everyone

We have heard the proverb ‘one shoe doesn’t fit all’ a thousand times in relation to marketing. Still, many digital marketing companies embrace the quicker and easier way of sending a blast email to every subscriber in their list.

It might work at first, but too many generic emails will lead your subscribers to abandon the ship.

Send them personalized mails based on their behavior and preferences to keep your customers engaged.

Sending too Many Messages

Yes, you do not want your customers to forget about you. However, drowning your readers into a deluge of emails will only result in you landing into their spam list.

On the other hand, it will not do to be too inconsistent in your email frequency. It will be more prudent to make a schedule to send out your emails.

Sending Filler Messages

You have to send an email according to your schedule. However, you do not have anything new to tell them. So, you just send them a filler email that has no value for them. Naturally, your readers will not appreciate such messages.

To avoid this, make sure you plan your schedule in such a way that every email you send will be really useful for your customers.

Conclusion : Email marketing is no doubt powerful, but it is easy to make mistakes that can put off your customers. You need to identify these mistakes by analyzing your strategy and conversion statistics, and take the appropriate measure to correct them.

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