Bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing

Does this scenario sound familiar to you – your marketing team sent over-qualified leads to the sales team, but very few of them made it through to successful sales closure?

It is true that there is a deep chasm between the sales and marketing approaches, however, I have observed that many businesses have projected this ideology on their employees themselves. Hardly any communication takes place between the sales and marketing teams of an organization, other than the handing over of leads.

This lack of coordination can seriously affect deal closure and hamper your business growth. Usually, the problem arises when only marketers create buyer personas and set the parameters for a qualified lead. The sales team might not agree on the marketers’ criteria at all and have to waste time in evaluating the leads all over again.

An effective first step to resolve this impasse is to get your sales and marketing teams to work together to create and agree upon the ideal buyer persona. Moreover, your sales team has a wealth of knowledge on the questions, objections and pain points presented by the leads at every stage of the sales funnel. Organizations must set up a strong process of feeding this on-ground intelligence back into marketing strategy and planning. That means there must be intense interactive osmosis between sales and marketing. Combined with the market research on the target audience demographics, business challenges, and the kind of content that is readily consumed by them, you will have a hyper-focused message that will attract just the right, sales-ready audience.

The bottom line is that even though sales and marketing are very different functions, they share a common goal – a healthy, sustained pipeline of leads and steady business growth. Try to bring about a cohesive alignment of the two teams to devise a customer-centric business strategy, one that translates into shorter sales cycle times and increased revenues. The sales and marketing team can then, being firmly sitting on the same side of the table, carve growth strategies together!

Digital Marketing Manager TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.