Caution: You might be losing leads because of a dated and jaded website!

One of our clients gave me a call to appreciate the social media campaign we executed for them in the last quarter. The campaign garnered high visibility on the social media platforms chosen and generated good quality enquiries. He also had a query that all his social media pages are performing well, and they are able to capture a lot of enquiries through the dedicated landing page we had built for the campaign. But, they are not able to do the same from their website contact form! Why so?

I had the answer, but it was like pointing out the mistake of the customer. So here’s what I did. I immediately asked him to open his website. And, I continued with my 2 cents worth input to him.

“Yes, you do have an informative website,  that is an advantage as many websites aren’t informative. Now, I want you to take a look at it from a different perspective. Just put yourself in place of a client who might want to acquire your service and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is your home page and the ‘About us’ section credible enough to instantly connect with the visitor and his expectations?
  • Is everything structured, right content at the right place?
  • Is the content easily accessible with complete clarity?
  • Is the content adequate with well placed calls to action buttons (CTAs)? Or are they all cluttered?
  • Does it reflect your competency, credibility and experience in his areas of interest? 

And, it was just a minute later that the client asked me if we could help them to re-vamp the website. Often, organizations keep on procrastinating the website re-vamps at the risk of losing out on visibility and potential enquiries.Your website today is the axle that holds the success of your comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across different channels. Getting it back in shape could be the first step towards a meaningful digital marketing strategy.