Chatbots – A Boon for Improving Your Customer Service

By 2022, a staggering 75 to 95% of the customer queries will be handled by chatbots. In today’s landscape of digital marketing, as many as 53% consumers, especially millennials, state that they prefer online chat to actually calling for customer support. The reason is simple. The convenience of an instant response is the major draw.

Imagine visiting a local store to buy something as simple as a jacket. You start looking for an assistant as you cannot find the right size, only to find no one nearby you. And the one you do get hold of in the far corner of the store, cannot offer you any concrete solution. So you just leave the place to try your luck elsewhere, and the store has just lost you to one of its competitors.

This is exactly what your customers go through when they are left to fend for themselves on your company’s website. They have to scour the entire site for customer support numbers, only to be repeatedly put on hold or straight away get disconnected.

There are a few things your customer will appreciate more than a speedy response. Making them wait for getting answers will only frustrate them enough to take their business elsewhere.

The most popular solution to this problem is having a live chat function on your website. A live chat can be either driven by humans, powered by chatbots, or can be a hybrid of both. A human-operated chat will have to be continuously monitored for new queries, which is highly impractical. Humans need to sleep, after all! On the other hand, a chatbot can answer queries at any ungodly hour your customer chooses to visit your website. Even if they cannot immediately resolve a problem, they can still provide an answer for the time being. Just knowing that their concern is being taken care of goes a long way to make your customer feel valued.

Chatbots leave a lesser room for error than humans, and any mistake they make can be easily identified and rectified. AI-powered chatbots can continuously learn, gather data from the web, and give more insightful answers to your customers. They can even learn multiple languages (something you cannot actually ask your employees to do) to help your abroad clients.

With customer support, your clients have to wait to be handed over to different departments if the nature of their concerns demands it. A chatbot, on the other hand, can take up multiples roles and act as a spokesperson for technical support, sales information, account management, and so on.

An added perk of a chatbot is an infinite amount of patience. Human assistants may get tired of questions they deem repetitive or obvious. However, your customers can ask the same question 10 times in a row without a chatbot minding it!

Conclusion – Chatbots, with the ability to give a prompt and efficient response, are one of the best ways to provide outstanding customer service. Nevertheless, as notorious as human customer support has become, it is still a necessary evil in some cases. A chatbot may not be able to effectively answer complex queries. Thus, a combination of both human and chatbot-powered live chat is considered to be most effective for a superior customer experience.

Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd