Creating content that helps lead nurturing tactics

Marketing leaders across the world acknowledge that lead generation is their top priority. However, with so much focus on it, agencies must create a robust lead nurturing strategy to ensure that good leads aren’t wasted. 

Of course, many tactics can be considered a successful and effective lead nurturing strategy, marketing leaders should use content throughout the prospects’ journey to help provide direction to them and finally, secure them as loyal customers. 

Does your agency have the correct content for the correct lead in the correct context? 

 Content is definitely useful, but pitching huge volumes of content at prospects without customization or understanding the challenges faced by the prospects is not the correct strategy to adopt. If you are unsure about what type of content is to be used, the following may be of use to you. 

Awareness on how to solve the challenges of prospects 

Zeroing in on the real issue of the prospect and providing the appropriate solution will allow prospects to effectively convince the other important stakeholders in the organization that they are an issue to resolve and why they need your service/product. In order to do it, use whitepaper, eBooks, infographics, etc, to answer the type of queries that the prospect might be Googling, like “what is” or “how to”. Ensure to inform them by including shareable statistics that help in selling the products to the stakeholders. 

Validation from third-party 

When prospects are shown case studies, it helps them in understanding the true benefits of using your service and products. The examples can be either in video or written format, it is important to understand the industry of the prospect and what issues they face. Once that is understood, marketers can select relevant case studies to display. 

Detailed product information 

In the current times, buyers conduct detailed research on their own, it makes it easy to leave what they really need to know when it comes to the product and value proposition. Instead of sending across lackluster one-sheet details, analyze what is truly beneficial to the prospect. 

Is the service being offered highly technical? If yes, you may provide a short explainer video instead of a written document. One more option is to provide a comparison chart that shows what the prospect gets with your product compared to your competitors’ products. 

Leverage email marketing strategies to share content with your leads. Send across new resources, newsletters and consistently direct leads back to your website to obtain more data. 

However, it is critical to consider how the lead was acquired and at what stage of the buying process they might be at. This directs what kind of content and strategy should be deployed. More information on lead leads to more customized outreach measures. Website is the other tool that helps you guide your leads on their buying journey. 

Using a content hub can help in displaying real-time curated content based on the behaviour and interests of the lead towards the site. It is the best possible way to ensure that the prospect is viewing the appropriate content at the appropriate time. 

Sr. Content Writer TSL Marketing