Deliver value. Retain clients. All through a powerful campaign strategy.

In the overall pursuit of establishing your client’s brand presence, the successful completion of their initial digital marketing campaign is just the first victory for them, as well as for you as a marketer. What comes next is the challenge to keep the client inspired enough to keep them making subsequent investments in their marketing strategy. 

Many clients, who are making their foray into the digital realm for the first time, feel that executing just one successful digital marketing campaign is enough to keep the leads coming in the future. But being their B2B marketer, you know that digital marketing requires consistent efforts over a long period of time to be truly beneficial. So retaining your customers not only becomes a priority for your own business growth but also for your client’s future progress. 

The solution to this problem lies in how you manage your accounts or campaigns. With a few simple guidelines, you can supercharge your campaigns which in turn will help you to retain your customers for the long term – 

1. Set specific goals and relevant KPIs – Each campaign is different because every client’s requirements are different. Some clients need to rank higher in google search, some want leads, while some want to establish their brand. It’s your job to set specific goals and benchmarks for each of the campaigns and then decide the relevant KPIs on which you will measure your campaign’s performance. This will ensure that the client is getting exactly what he requires and thus he will be motivated to do more business with you in the future. 

2. Document the procedure – Oftentimes marketers start the campaign with an emphasis on producing the deliverables as soon as possible, without documenting the processes and requirements. Documentation is necessary for not only keeping the campaign on track but also for future reference. Create a template or model for documentation and use it for documenting the key points at each stage of the campaigns. Further, you can also use any project management tool to record the requirements of your clients and also to track the tasks and responsibilities of each of your staff members. 

3. Do post-Analysis of the campaign – For every good or bad campaign there lies reasons which made it a win or a failure. Find out the reasons why some things worked and while others didn’t. Keeping close track of the practices followed and evaluating their efficacy will provide you with insights on what to adapt and what to discard in your next campaigns. In time, you will end up creating a repository of best practices, which you can always use for future reference. 

4. Excel in a niche – There are hundreds of business verticals out there. Your marketing agency does not have to gain expertise in every business vertical because, in the long run, you will eventually have to select a few industries which you can master. This focused approach towards working with a particular set of clients will make you an authority in your field. An expert service provider is always the first choice of the businesses and your excellence will make them more inclined to engage in a long-term contract with your company. 

Content Writer TSL Marketing