Differentiation through customer experience

With countless solutions and sellers available online, and customers equipped to research for themselves, the predominant question in their mind is not WHAT to buy but WHY to buy from a particular brand. The answer to this ‘why’ can only be achieved through differentiating yourself from your competitors.

How can differentiation be achieved?

The foremost course of action that comes to mind is, of course, content. Simple, relevant, and value-driven practical content is the very heart of differentiating a brand’s offering with the target audience.

Given the increasing need for visibility today, nearly every business is content-conscious and churns more information into the already saturated web, leading to an overall digital „sameness“. Marketers have settled into the comfort zone of tried and tested strategies – essentially moulding themselves into a cookie cutter. While going through the motions of leading a customer through the sales funnel, providing a memorable customer experience takes a back seat even while knowing its importance.

Especially for marketers in the technology domain where the solutions provided are similar to each other, marketers need to stir an emotional response along with offering solutions superiority to break through the digital sameness and spur customers to act and respond.

Implementing unique marketing tactics that delight customers and using creative channels of communication to smoothen the customer journey are the key to achieving brand differentiation in the influential digital realm.

While unique ideas and tactics are thought upon, the instinct of most marketers is to avoid the risk if no competitor has implemented it before. However, this is exactly where the cookie cutter can be shattered. A new strategy can be always be tried on a small, specific group of target audience for efficacy and be modified according to the results.

In essence

Prioritizing value-driven content development is of course not an option. However, testing creative marketing tactics and trying out new channels to communicate with target buyers is also necessary for brands to differentiate themselves in the expanded digital world.

Razor-focus on differentiation will help brands break the surface of the red ocean where the only focus is breaking away from the clutter, and sail into the calm blue ocean where the goal is to achieve business growth through differentiation and innovation.

Digital Marketing Manager TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.