Digital Marketing dilemma: To go in-house or to work with an agency?

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing has emerged as the most effective form of marketing in recent times, considering the ROI. So for the businesses today, the question is not ‘Why’ to invest in Digital marketing but ‘How’ because the way you incorporate it in your marketing strategy can make all the difference in the outcome you are expecting from it. 

To start digital marketing for your business there are two main options that you can choose from – either to work with an agency, which specializes in digital marketing or to do it in-house by building a team of your own. 

There are some unique advantages to both approaches. Let’s discuss them here, one after another. 

Pros of working with an agency – 

1. More industry experience – An established digital marketing agency would have years of experience in running campaigns for businesses like yours. They would have a reliable and market-tested approach towards digital marketing. Plus, they could even be specialists in your industry type which could prove valuable. In contrast to that, an in-house team will take some trial and error to fine-tune its strategy. 

2. Less time to go live – To start your digital campaign, all it will take for an agency is a handful of meetings with your executives to understand your needs and then a few days of initial planning. They already have the requisite team and resources to quickly set the plan in motion. While if you are going the in-house route, it may take weeks or even months to assemble a team and get the things moving. 

3. Better control over costs – In the proposal phase, you can choose the extent and scope of your campaign and the agency will quote their price accordingly. And you can expect the costs to remain the same by the end of your campaign. But with an in-house team, you have the liberty to change your scope and direction anytime, which may adversely affect the costs of the campaign. 

Pros of hiring an in-house team – 

1. Better coordination – An in-house team is already in touch with the company’s values and focus. Unlike the agency, much less effort is spent on conversing and coordinating on calls or through emails because with an in-house team communication is instant. Thus, there is also a less chance of misinterpreting the requirements

2. More dynamic and responsive – Any changes in the campaign can be incorporated straight away without the need for any proposal updates or approvals. In this way, the in-house team is more dynamic and responsive to the changing requirements and better at prioritizing things that need the most attention at a given point in time. 

3. Complete ownership of deliverables – With an in-house team you are not just getting the deliverables (EDMs, ads, posters, etc.) but also gets to keep the assets which went into making them. These assets can be later reused in the same or other campaigns as raw materials for creating more such artifacts. This also helps in keeping the costs low. 

In conclusion, if your goal is to quickly adopt digital marketing with the backing of an experienced team in a streamlined fashion, then working with an agency will be the best option. But if your goal is to have more control and freedom over the process with no compromise to your company’s vision, then choosing the option of in-house digital marketing will better suit your business. 

Content Writer TSL Marketing