Do you run out of ideas for writing blogs?

Every business, every content maketer has established that they need blogs to not just increase website traffic, but also to generate quality leads. The difficulty arises when it is time to decide exactly what should the blog post be about.

Most businesses have a schedule drawn out for publishing blogs, but when they cannot find a good enough topic, they resort to writing on a filler topic that does not really serve any purpose other than marking the date off your content calendar. The result – your subscribers may cease to take you seriously and even opt out of the subscription.

Before deciding on a blog topic, you can analyze if your customers are facing any common and recurring business challenges or if there are common and genuine areas of interest, or if your customer facing employees have been frequently asked a particular question. Thus, your next blog post could be focused on addressing or helping point towards possible solutions on issues. This will resonate with your audience and you are likely to be reached out to by them for subsequent support. It will also help new prospects and blog visitors gain an insight into your expertise.

You can even post a quiz or poll asking your subscribers about what they would like to hear from you. This will not only help you decide on an effective topic, but also make your subscribers feel more involved with your brand.

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