Do you see the silver lining?

When the CV situation dust settles down, hopefully in a few weeks, the B2B world will have evolved a new normal in the way it does its business. Without being conscious of it, each one of us B2B stakeholders already are and will have contributed to creating it. This normal is a deep culture of virtual engagement that will pervade every aspect of an organization and its supply chain.  While marketing, sales and customer communication has seen this over the years and adapted to it, we expect major transformation in the way organizations (of all sizes) will operate. The new impact will be more with the ‘Operations’ – processes, people, internal communication, metrics management, productivity enablement etc.

A simple day-to-day example is about ‘meetings, calls & conference calls’ which we considered indispensable and crucial to effective communication. This myth got busted, at least for us, in the past 1 week! We realized that internal communication over email and across social platforms works just as effectively even for very business critical topics needed to be discussed by a bunch of people and a decision arrived at!

What otherwise would mean herding people into a conference room and spending an hour over cups of tea, is all done over written communication, effectively with the same results! Hopefully, this will be realized and experienced by many organizations.   

The uniqueness of this ‘new’ will be that even small and local businesses across industries and supply chains will adapt to this tech-enabled normal and this will have positive ripples across areas such as cost, time and efforts. They will adjust to all this with some practice and trial & error; but they will! What can explain the saying ‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’, better than this!  

Associate General Manager – Strategic business TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.