Downloadable Content for completing Content Strategy Cycle!

With the average human attention span reduced to 8 seconds, it is getting tough to engage visitors for a longer time! Lengthy content makes your webpage look cluttered, and there are chances that visitors might overlook huge and complex content. The purpose of having a website, which is interactively engaging the visitors, is lost!

Even if you mark your keywords and use bullet points, how to present heavy content on the website without making your website chaotic is the question. The answer is – downloadable content!

Downloadable content is the files that are available to your webpage visitors for further and detailed information. You can offer them in audio, video, text or any desired format. Instead of creating another page on the website or dedicating a space for large content, you can create a link for downloading the content. This is especially important when you need to provide case studies, white papers, policies or any type of heavy content. This also makes it valuable to a customer as you are providing them with extra information!

# 4 Uses of Downloadable Content

  • Value Addition to Customers
    Providing insightful content is equivalent to offering a free consultation to your visitors! When you provide informative quality content to visitors, you offer them a valuable piece of content that will educate them. The visitors will look at your content and your brand as thought leaders in the industry.
  • Lead Generation
    The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is lead generation. The more valuable content you provide, the more you prove yourself as a market leader. It attracts the people who are interested in your service or product, leading them to seek expert opinion, that’s from you!
  • Database Nurturing
    Always ask your visitors to fill in their details such as name and email ids before they can download the content. This will gather more entries in your database. These database entries can be used for inbound marketing strategy, helping you to tap your prospects!
  • Gathering data through survey
    Instead of asking just the name and email id while providing downloadable content, you can actually design an interesting survey. Through surveys, you can understand your visitors’ behavior and use it for marketing strategy. Make sure the survey isn’t very complicated or long as visitors might just not fill in the information and skip on content altogether!


Thus, downloadable content has the potential to unlock the various aspects of your content strategy. From value addition to your customers to generating leads for your business, downloadable content plays a significant role in completing the content marketing cycle. Also, the purpose of sorting and keeping webpage clean becomes much easier!

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