Engaging the C-suite through LinkedIn and thought leadership

The presence of C-suite executives of small and large enterprises alike is stamped all over the social media, especially LinkedIn. The strategic thinkers are active consumers of content; however, with the current content overload, they are naturally becoming more and more selective in the information they consume.

Rather than run-of-the-mill content, they scour LinkedIn and other digital platform for the current happenings and trends in the technology world at a global level, big industry news, mergers and acquisitions. Along with these, the recent years gave rise to a now commonly used term to engage the attention of the C-suite denizens – ‘thought leadership content’.

According to a research by LinkedIn and Edelman, 81% of CEOs, CFOs and other top-level executives claim to have more trust in partners that are considered as thought leaders. But, how much content that is regularly published actually provokes new thought? Very little.

Whether it is a CEO, CIO or a CMO, remember that most C-suite executives are essentially thought leaders in their field and problem solvers. Rather than focusing content around the nature of the problem, focus on how to nudge them with unique ideas and thought processes around solving a problem and give actionable insights.

Apart from content, LinkedIn gives you the advantage to directly engage the C-suite through meaningful group discussions. While it is true that they want to be engaged and gain more knowledge, they are still pressed for time. The important thing is to convey that you respect their time, and can provide a solution without taking up too much of it.

In a nutshell

LinkedIn has made the previously elusive C-suite more accessible to marketers and sellers. It is easy to imagine that engaging their attention entails creating long and complex technical documents, but they are still humans who want to be engaged. Shed the long-winded technical explanations and cliched industry jargons, and talk to them not as a business to business, but as a business to person.

Associate General Manager – Strategic business TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.