Establishing Human Connection through technology– Chatbots!

Backed by AI technology; a robot with a human touch was invented called “The Chatbot”!

Initially invented as an intelligently programmed web assistant; Chatbots have since evolved and now have personas and empathetic communication skills to delight the customer and increase brand loyalty.

Apart from saving time and efforts and responding to the queries raised by the customers, here are some more capabilities of Chatbots;

Personalizing communication

Today, Chatbots aim to respond with empathy and understanding that puts the customers at ease. Chatbots that personalizes communication are most popular in the market.

Reduces employee workload

Chatbots are built to answer several queries raised by the customers; some even repetitive, and this reduces the employee workloads to a great extent, saving a lot of business time and efforts.

Enhances shopping experience

Today’s Chatbots are humanized to understand and remember customer preferences for making their buying experience delightful.

Though Chatbots can never replace a real human interaction, the trend of creating personas that are capable of empathizing with customers and solving their problems have come as a breath of fresh air for users all over the world.

Lead Content Writer, TSL Consulting Pvt. ltd