Have you ever thought about having massive search engine traffic without even having to build links?

Then you are in the right place!

Link building is the practice of building one-way hyperlinks, which are also known as “backlinks” to a website to improve search engine visibility. In simple words, we can say it’s a link when one web page refers to another website through a textual or image link. Once we click the link we are redirected to the linked website. Common link-building strategies include content marketing, building useful tools, email outreach, broken link building, and public relations.

This turns out that links are a big part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Google’s founder Larry Page has mentioned that links are the best way to figure out if a website should be ranked higher or not and to this fact been correct to some extent. This has been agreed upon by every internet as Google has become the de facto search engine. Ahref ran a correlation study that showed that more sites linked to higher the chances of getting traffic from Google. So in a nutshell we need to build links to rank higher.

These days’ people are not of the opinion to build links as it costs a lot of money, 90% of the time a huge amount of money needs to be paid to get a link, while some people don’t find it interesting because it is against the Google’s term of service.

So what are the digital marketers left to do to increase the traffic on the website. Well, here are some tips & tricks to help you out. The very first thing that can be done is by using the technique of Topical authority. The comprehensiveness of your website content related to a specific topic or niche in your industry is measured by topical authority. It is one of the ways Google assesses the perceived quality of your website’s content and a ranking factor for top-level domains. In order to become a topical authority on your website, you need to cover each & every subtopic that is relevant to the niche, or at least better than the competitors. Along with Topical authority if we have topical coverage another important factor to look into. For example, if you just type share market so it’s difficult for you to get listed in the organic search, instead you need to cover every single subtopic to cover reach even the niche. This strategy is so effective that it has made the backlinks reach the masses.

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A topical authority is an advanced process. In order to cover the possible subtopics, essential questions like “how to invest in the share market?” are to be figured out and content needs to be prepared for the same. The people also ask section and the FAQ section is also helpful to attract the audience. And apart from these keeping an eye on the competitors also proves to be helpful in order to reach the top of Google. This could be done by opening up the site map and finding the main keywords.

The next technique that can be used to increase traffic is Parasite SEO i.e. the process of posting articles or web pages to high-ranking web 2.0 sites or social media platforms. This is done because Google favors high-authority websites, utilizing those high-authority websites makes it easier for a low-authority webpage or article to rank higher in the Google search engine.  In simple words parasite, SEO is when you place an article on another website that has a high amount of links & authority and you can use it to get your article to the top of Google.

Another feature that can be used is aged domain it’s a domain name with a history of being used for a live website. Instead of going out for link building one link at a time, you can inherit the entire domain’s backlink profile in just one go. The primary use case for aged domains is to simply build a website on them straight up. While building a website on an aged domain is getting whose old content is as close as possible to write about. Google search Liason John Mueller has mentioned in one of its Hangout that when the old content of the topic from the new content the links might get reset. If there are some pages that have a high number of links in them, you can recreate that page and can add similar content to that page that used to be in the archive, then you can link them to actual pages you want to rank for.

Next, if you want to get SEO results without link building you need to create linkbait articles. Certain articles are extremely good which naturally attract natural links, this is the way Google wants the links to be built all you need to do is write a perfect piece of content and links magically comes in. Another attractive way is writing a statistic piece that pulls a bunch of data on the SEO industry. Statistic pieces do super well as link bait because facts and data often get referenced by other authors while writing and it becomes customary to mention from where we got the details from.

So this brings us to the end of this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading a yet informative one!

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