How ready are you to embrace the new Digital in 2019 ?

2019 is going to be another trend-setter in terms of bringing new ways of constructively influencing markets and marketers. Here are some important trends to know about, while we prepare ourselves to embrace the new Digital revolution in 2019.


Relevant and Engaging Content-

Given the crucial role of content in Digital Marketing; relevant content stands a better chance of being read and consumed. Content that is created with the right intent & focus and is in-line with your business strategy can work wonders for your business.

Customer stories-

Social Media has shrunk and brought the world closer. Customers are sharing their experiences, business benefits value through stories in multiple ways digital. You can highlight your value to your customers, their experiences and build your brand by sharing such stories.


Being responsiveness to customers at the right time helps build reliability and trust over a period of time. Responsiveness in terms of answering queries, providing support, feedback etc. can help win your customers’ trust and loyalty.

Landing Pages-

If you are looking for an actionable response from your target audience, creating responsive landing page content and design is the key. Focus on creating meaningful landing pages that will help your customers take faster business decisions.

Personalized Messaging-

Creating personalized and customized messaging can add the required personal touch to your communication with your prospects. Reaching out in a more meaningful way can influence your customers in a positive manner.


Video Marketing-

Creating engaging videos, primarily experiential, with crisp content can be very effective engagement with your customers. Broadcasting your content through powerful video marketing tools such as Podcasts can help create a more hyper-personalized experience for your customers.

Voice Search optimization-

Forget type search and embrace voice search optimization. With the latest entrants in Voice search optimization such as Google Assistant Alexa and Siri, the revolution is already here. Embracing Voice Search optimization can not only help you stay ahead of your competitors; it can also help offer more personalized service to your customers.

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots-

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through use of Chatbots has humanized technology, leading to a faster response and a more efficient communication with the customers. Embracing this trend can make for a more intelligent business model and more loyal customers.


The probable Digital trends in 2019 can revolutionize how we do business and can create a paradigm shift in the way we use digital technology to engage with our business eco-systems. However, it is best to choose what suits your business model and its needs, instead of simply following trends without a careful evaluation.

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Lead Content Writer, TSL Consulting Pvt. ltd