How to decide the frequency of publishing your content?

  • How many times should I publish the content?
  • Is once a week enough or should I post it every day?
  • Should I consider publishing on weekends or any other particular day?

In the field of content marketing, these are a few questions I get from my clients regularly during social media consultation! It is difficult to have a conclusive or one solution fits all for these questions. There are too many subjective factors involved on which the frequency of the content depends. But, here are some points that I consider for every client while we make a stand on the number of times the content should go out!

The first question is to ask for the volume and type of content that is available with the customer, as it gives buffer time between posting two pieces of content. Therefore, a content plan and the resources (content writers and social media planners) available becomes a huge factor to decide the frequency of the content. The next thing is what content size they want to publish at once. The longer the content, the lower the frequency! If one wants to continually publish the content as per their content marketing strategy then sharing smaller and meaningful chunks is recommended.

Apart from the above points, it is also important to understand the availability of your target audience on the platforms that are chosen for content marketing. For example, LinkedIn might have more audience available on Monday, while for Facebook it might be Friday or weekends.

Last but not the least, the quality of content. It doesn’t matter whether you post every day or once in a while. It is the quality, i.e. value addition to the customer, knowledge sharing, and thought leadership-based content that affects the relevant number of followers and popularity of the social media pages.

As we said in one of our previous posts on social media spamming, too much and irrelevant content might get ignored!

And, if the content hits a raw nerve, any day is good because it will be taken notice of!

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