How to make the most out of your Podcasts in B2B industry?

In today’s fast-saturating world of content marketing where every other avenue has been exploited to its extreme, podcasting still remains a largely untapped opportunity for the B2B industry. Just like during the advent of the Digital Revolution, ‘Blogging’ and ‘Social media’ were seen as trivial pursuits but later became the most important part of marketing, in the same way with the advent of smartphones and virtual assistants, Podcasts have become a popular form of content sharing and hence it holds huge potential as a means for product-marketing and brand growth. 

One may still feel doubtful of the reach and influence of the podcasts in the B2B industry because the buying decision in B2B has to pass through a hierarchy of stakeholders rather than be approved by a single decision-maker. And also podcast is a medium in which the customer is the one who is required to take the first step and subscribe to a podcast rather than the other way round of a marketer reaching out to the customer, as per the conventional marketing tactics. 

But given the fact that 20% of people listened to podcasts every week in 2020, it’s obvious that the popularity of podcasts is only going to increase. Besides, it’s much easier to tune in to a podcast while doing minor tasks in the day than to sit and read a blog or to watch a promotional video with undivided attention. Most people like to listen to podcasts during their commutes, workout sessions, or while doing trivial tasks which does not require their full attention. And these people also include the leaders, decision-makers, and top-level executives of companies who are actively seeking information related to their industry. 

And this brings us to our next point that a podcast should never be just about your products or your company. Since most of the listeners are seeking information or insights, your podcast should be targeted towards providing industry insights or the latest developments in its respective domain. Lead generation and customer acquisition are by-products of podcasting. The real end goal of podcasting is to establish your company as a thought leader and a helpful industry expert. 

But how exactly are you going to achieve that with your podcast? The best way to do that is to make your podcasts in the form of panel discussions or QnA sessions. You can invite subject matter experts, industry leaders, or influencers on your podcast and extract their knowledge and insights by interviewing them. Apart from an interview, a debate or panel discussion is ideal for dissecting and analyzing business trends from multiple perspectives. On the other hand, a single-speaker format is good for educational purposes. 

Whatever be the format, the important part is the consistency of the format and timely schedule of publication. That aspect will help you in increasing your credibility and thus, in turn, your audience. As far as the reach of Podcast is concerned, you should make available your Podcasts not only on your website but also on a major podcast host like BuzzSprout, PodBean, etc. which will automatically submit your podcasts to all major podcast directories so that they can be listened to on popular apps like iTunes, Spotify, etc. 

In conclusion: 

Today, B2B marketing is not just about grabbing the eyeballs of your prospects. It’s about winning their headspace. The advent of podcasting has provided us with one such means to reach out to our customers in a unique way so as to win the space not just in their heads but also in their hearts. Thus by making our “listener’s welfare” the foremost principle of our podcasts, we can ensure the success of not just our podcasts but also of our business. 

Content Writer TSL Marketing