Illustrations – A wise investment in your design

Today I was clearing up my MS Outlook inbox, and my sight was caught by these bright colored (Pink, yellow, purple) envelope illustrations. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much the little design element can impact my overall thought about the brand.

Yes, illustrations are trending, and the exact reason why they are recommended is that they are relatable! The moment you see a human, his/her country and culture comes to your mind. But, illustrations just break these psychological barriers, and makes design identifiable, inclusive and appealing to every kind of target audience.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, Illustrations are certainly more comprehensive. They summarize the meaning of the content far better than a human photo.

The other reason to choose illustrations over a stock photo is that they are original and customized. It is difficult to copy them as is (unless someone wants to copy paste, which will be a copyright infringement). Also, it is relatively easier easy to blend them with color guidelines of a brand. So, even though illustrations are an expensive option compared to stock photos, investing in them will return you a far higher value with the impressions you make.