Keeping up with Google Algorithms!

In 2019 alone, Google rolled over 3,200 updates regarding its algorithm. Thus, there is no question whether to update your SEO strategy accordingly or not! The question is how to be updated and how frequently to update strategy?

How do you keep up with the ever changing Google algorithms/updates?

To start with, not all Google updates are major! That means, you don’t need to run for your SEO expert immediately and change your SEO (though, if you have full-time SEO working with you, updating first can be an advantage 😉 But, when impactful updates like Panda, Penguin or BERT are rolled out, you should start strategizing and executing then and there.

Hence, the first step towards SEO strategy is ‘keep your eye on updates’! Here are some best practices to always be updated.

#Follow SEO thought leaders

Following thought leaders is one the best practice you can adopt. These fill in you with the updates as soon as they come in. Some of them are Google Webmaster, MOZ, and Search Engine Journal (SEJ).

#Hire an SEO expert

Don’t have enough time to track Google updates? The other option is to hire an SEO consultant or expert who would help strategize and execute your SEO.

#Quality and original content

You just cannot defy the significance of quality content! Whether you do SEO or not, but your content has to be helpful, insightful, informative and most of original (without plagiarism). The content that serves user’s purpose is the best!

#Backlink all URLs

Backlink helps in increasing your domain and page authority, enhancing your visibility on search engines. Quality backlinks increases the credibility of your website.

#Check for broken URLs

Page not found can be the most off-putting experience for your visitor. And, if your broken link has significant information, you are ought to lose a lead. Thus, keeping check on your URLs is utmost important part of technical SEO.

#Check errors on Google Search Console

Analyze your website on Google Search Console. It helps to fix what doesn’t work from SEO and your website point of view. Fix all the errors and your half job is done!

Revisiting the basics – why to be updated on Google Algorithms?

Reason 1: Your webpage or website is the window to your brand

Reason 2: You need to increase your online visibility

Reason 3: You want to effectively convert your prospects into customers through your web presence

Above three reasons are enough for any organization to be smart and proactive about their SEO updates.


Google is going to make frequent changes to optimize the user experience. Reviewing your keeping update of Google updates, SEO strategy at regular intervals and implementing it at the right time is the only strategy that would work!

Marketing Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd