Know the best practices of Email Campaigns

It’s a challenge to keep the same set of audience meaningfully engaged for a product over a period of time! TSL has been executing emailer campaigns for a long time now. We concluded that there are a set of email best practices that need to be perfected and executed accurately for effective results, consistently!

For instance, one such practice is the ‘Drip emailer’ approach to create engaging and interactive email campaigns. Here are some tips to make your drip emailer campaigns a success!

  • Understand your buyers’ journey in making a purchase decision for your product. The typical stages of the journey are – Identify (the need), Research (understand and know the options), Analysis (Comparison and narrowing the choices) and finally, an educated decision!
  • Weave a story for each of these stages with customized and relevant messaging for each stage. This takes your customer on a journey that is aligned to his/her evaluation and decision-making process.
  • An email is meant to be read and acted upon by the reader! Hence, give your design and content equal weightage.


  • Use attractive subject lines to persuade readers to open the email.
  • Personalize your email campaign messages to give it a human touch.
  • Your CTAs should land on relevant webpages. That is the goal!


Last, but definitely not the least; your emailer campaign design should reflect the brand you are marketing!

To summarize, taking your customers through a guided and insightful journey is imperative to successful results from your emailer campaigns. In line with this, we hope our thoughts on the ‘drip emailer’ strategy resonates with your marketing objectives.

Marketing Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd