Legitimate Interests and GDPR

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Legitimate interest for B2B communications

In a B2B context, a business interest (to sell a product or services) will be viewed as a valid legitimate interest under the GDPR. To put it plainly, this means a B2B electronic marketing interchange, which incorporates outbound telemarketing, will be allowed inside the following parameters:

  • It just applies to ‘corporate subscribers’ (workers of incorporated/limited organizations, limited liability partnerships and government/local authority institutions)
  • It must be founded on an applicable and fitting relationship (for instance, with a representative of a business who might profit by your item or administration)
  • It must not conflict with Opts outs or withdraws

Legitimate interest can be applied to certain portions of the database and consent to other people, as long as this is recorded in the privacy policy. For example, you may utilize legitimate interest as your lawful reason for processing your current data and use a consent basis for gathering and processing new data.

You can’t apply Legitimate Interest in following!

There are two occasions where legitimate interest can’t be utilized as a premise to process information:

  1. Advertising to individual subscribers
  2. In countries where stricter e-marketing rules apply

Legitimate interest mean for my marketing activities

At first, legitimate interest may seem as if B2B marketers were hoping to get out of the jail-free card, but if you are dealing with EU countries and database contacts that can be classified as individual subscribers, be careful. Only corporate subscribers are subject to a legitimate interest. Under their e-marketing rules, some EU countries still need opt-in consent.

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