Make Your Website Ready for 2019!

An engaging and interactive website can give a clear competitive edge to your organization! In 2019, with most businesses having an online presence, how confident are you that your website positions you uniquely and competitively?  Let’s check what the latest trends in website designing are!

Always evaluate your website keeping its aesthetics, usability and technicality into consideration. These are the three fundamental pillars of the website design!


#Motion UI
Motion UI, a Sass library to create CSS transitions and animations easily and rapidly, is hyped! It is simple, flexible and universal. Motion UI lets you apply transitions and movement to any element on website. Though the Motion UI was developed in 2015, the browsers did not support Motion UI features very well then. It took almost 3 years to remove the bugs and you can’t get enough of this feature.

The power of graphical representation cannot be underestimated ever! Illustrations are playing a big role in website design. They give website a young and fresh look. Be it digital illustrations or hand-drawn doodles, all are ‘in’.

#Minimal Colors
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci. The less number of colors you use, more your website looks clean and neat – the basics of design. Developers are actually sticking to dichromatic or trichromatic color schemes to sophisticate the look of website.


#Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
75% of the traffic on websites is mobile users, thus breakneck speed and performance on mobile devices are crucial. AMP simplifies coding and cuts down the loading time of web pages to ten times. AMP-ed pages make user experience smooth. It also decreases the bounce rate and increases the website’s ranking on search engines.


Blockchain till recent times was related only to digital currency, but now it has found multiple usages. It is going to be the biggest trend in website development for 2019. Blockchain lets you share your content in public domain securely. The main use of Blockchain is for shared databases. The decentralized file storages are hosted on millions of computers and are updated every ten minutes. This makes it impossible for hackers to hack or destroy the data as they will have to destroy millions of computers!

#PHP 7 & JavaScript
82.4% websites are developed in PHP today. PHP 7.0, the latest version, uses Just-In-Time (JIT) engine. It compiles the code into machine language twofold faster than PHP 5.6. JavaScript’s React JS and Angular JS are the talk of the town. In 2019, React will gain more popularity amongst developers.


Web push notifications, Progressive web apps, Chatbots for customer support are some other trends that will continue in 2019. A website should always be user-friendly, interactive and keeping up with contemporary trends. These keep your website relevant for your audience.

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Marketing Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd