Maximizing your channel partners’ mindshare

Even in a channel eco-system working with partners, OEMs tend to focus on increasing their brand visibility and achieving the maximum ROI for themselves. However, if you , an OEM, would like earn maximum channel partner mindshare, it might be a good idea to be a inclusive when it comes to having a piece of the branding and visibility cake.

Your channel partners are potential thought leaders who  represent your brand, and it is one of your KRAs to enable them to do so effectively. The key is to ensure that you and your partner eco-system is on the same page in terms of design and execution of the marketing plan. Not only this, but you should accurately identify and play on your channel partner’s strengths to get the optimum results for both of you.

Apart from the marketing execution, what also helps is to regularly interact with  channel partners – to resolve any channel conflict  or to keep them abreast of any major changes in your products/ services or your marketing strategy. Ensure that each and every channel partner is included in the relevant web pages or content of your brand. Also, it is a good idea to invest in training programs and workshops on aspects of digital marketing, creatives, conceptualization and several other areas. This helps in ensure they are in step with you along the way.

Once your partners feel belonged in your channel eco-system, you will have paved the way to the greater part of their mindshare, and ultimately their wallet share.

Sr. VP-Business & Strategy TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.