Measuring the impact and value of content in 2021

Are you confident that the metrics you are using for tracking your content performance reflect the expected achievement of your business goal? If no, you are not alone. According to a research published by the Content Marketing Institute, around 27% of marketers have no idea how to measure the impact of content marketing, although it is an important B2B content marketing strategy.

Among those who do, it is often observed that the reports consist of vanity metrics that give no real measure of the content’s performance. According to the expert content marketing strategist Sarah Mitchell, the main culprit behind this issue is that many marketers use the same generic metrics to measure content, without considering the goal of a particular content piece.

For effective measurement, marketers have to get rid of the idea that they should stick to the standard and commonly used metrics. They need to think beyond and determine which metrics will show whether or not a particular goal/purpose for the content is achieved.

Final words
Marketers have more or less become accustomed to certain standard metrics when it comes to measuring content performance. We have long since shed the idea of the ‘one size fits all’ approach while creating content for different target audiences. Now, it is time to do the same for measuring content marketing success.

As part of an effective B2B content marketing strategy, make sure that every metric you choose reflects the impact of your content on the business goal you are trying to achieve with it. Only then you will get reliable reports that will help you improve the efficacy and value of your content.

Make sure that every metric you choose reflects how close or far you are from your ultimate business/marketing goal, so that you get reliable reports to steer your content marketing efforts in the right direction.