Personalization + Smart Content = Effective B2B outreach!

It’s the era of “Smart Work” ! However, this smartness doesn’t pertain merely to being metamorphic about your business ideas. It also means ingraining that smartness in every B2B aspect. One of those several aspects is “personalization” !

Today, B2B customers’ inclination is more toward personalized marketing material. Gone are the days when an extra-simple email template could fit all !

“Personalization” implies that marketing material content is customized, i.e. tailor-made as per individuals. It would cater to their personas with respect to activities, interests, and conversations in the organization. It is a known fact that with the passage of time personalized experiences start influencing the B2B customers’ interaction with company at each and every juncture of their journey; i.e. between awareness and conversion; coupled with ongoing relationship of customers going forward.

However, we need to note that the most substantial transformation happens with ability of automating data analysis through ML and AI. We do have tools like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and clustering at our disposal. In other words, the algorithms are getting a sophisticated look in analyzing consumer data. This further implies that the more we learn about the consumer; we discuss more innovative ways of tailor marketing material that would gel well with their preferences, tastes, and requirements.

Once you are successful in catching the pulse of your B2B audience; there won’t be any looking back. “Different Strokes for Different Folks” is the ideology that works wonders.. Just think differently, get on to the different modes of execution, and see the results ! The results are yours to celebrate!

Done? Well, not yet! Did we speak about tabling Content ? We didn’t, right?

Well design a content -> boost search traffic -> Get bumper leads

This is what B2B content success mantra stands for, right? Wait a minute ! It’s easier said than done. Let’s look at the nitty-gritties of content strategy to be  tabled !

Even though business-savvy B2B e-Commerce folks are well-versed with the fact that good content does help in completing a sale; it’s not only that ! It’s  even deeper !

Successful B2B content strategies don’t fall in the category of “set-it and forget-it” plans. They need refinement on a continuous basis for ensuring that a business is responsive to the needs of its customers. Firstly, while designing a B2B content strategy, it is imperative to look after the users at each and every stage of their buying cycle.

The good news on this part is that the data for catalyzing this strategy is easily available. There are loads of keyword performance indicators like Google Search Console, Adwords, and keyword tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, TermExplorer, and Keyword Keg.

The strategic goals could be designed along the following lines using the above-mentioned tools:

  • Having organic traffic increased for “bottom of funnel” keywords; i.e. the keywords representing buying intent at the last stage of buyer’s journey; wherein visitors’ likelihood of converting into customers is the highest.
  • Increasing brand exposure on the whole via content creation, promotion, and the highest quality link placements.

Trending topics in news

Articles need to support both – being found when the publishers and editors are looking out for meaningful material; and when reaching out to customers. This method works the best when identified in the initial stages of press cycles as novel topics start picking up traction amongst the news outlets. Sites like prove to be “treasures” for these topics. In a nutshell, you could emphasize on personalized, content-oriented mind-mapping on the part of B2B audience; while ensuring customer retention and hence sustained relationships.