Re-market and Re-target to Boost the Conversion Rate

First and foremost, let’s know some facts on re-marketing and

  • 70% of website visitors will most likely convert by retargeting them with display ads. (Source)
  • 30% of consumers are positive towards retargeted ads. (Source)
  • Retargeted ads can increase branded search exposure by 1000%. (Source)
  • Google Remarketing Campaigns rise conversion rate by 161%. (Source)
  • Only 3% website visitors convert in sales at first time. (Source)

The above facts reinstate that re-marketing and re-targeting are still the go-to digital marketing strategies.

It is important that organizations stay visible to the customer all the time, even to be an option. Here is when re-marketing and re-targeting strategies play a significant role. These strategies help marketers to re-connect and re-engage the customers who have already interacted with them, or are aware of their brand.

Below infographics illustrates the basic difference between re-marketing and re-targeting:


Encouraging cart abandoners to complete the check-out process, showing complementary products to existing customers for cross-sell and up-sell, giving your message a touch of urgency, displaying the products you know the customer is interested in – are some of the strategies that are trending in 2019. Pick your re-marketing and re-targeting strategies to optimally target the audience that you missed out on!

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