Recognizing the fine line between sales and marketing in the digital world

As a digital marketing manager, I have often struggled to convince my clients about the quality of content creation, fundamentally driven by the purpose of every piece of content. Let us take an example of a tangible IT product such as hardware. I am persuaded to highlight technical specifications  of the product as part of the content.. While I agree that specifications are important when making a buying decision, can they be core to your product’s marketing content? I would beg to differ if someone says YES.

First, let’s look at the purpose of the core content. Whom is the marketing content written for? Very rarely will purchase decisions be made by reading technical specifications on a collateral or online content. The objective is to establish a connect between your content AND your audience’s business or IT pain points and also their idea of what could be a good fit for their IT eco-system. Purposeful marketing content can also nudge the audience to think in a particular direction that might help them and their businesses.  

So, the fundamental value of content is to be the influencers with constructive ideas and relevance that will help the audience navigate in a specific direction in their evaluation process. In fact, powerful content can get the audience to become introspective about potential opportunities and challenges in areas related to your product or services.

This being said, you may now see the stark difference between marketing and sales in the digital world where content makes all the difference.

Hence, when I try to suggest the topics for content marketing, I focus on what customers’ pain points are and how a particular solution makes their work easier. I understand that the goal of every marketing effort is to get a lead and add to the sales pipeline, but we don’t need to make every content piece a sales pitch. Empathize with your customers through marketing content first, and then enlighten them through separate sales content that will enable them to make an informed decision.

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