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Data Security and Redundancy

Do you trust your business partners and associates with your data? Though it surely is your business associate’s responsibility to safeguard your data, it you who should be aware of the policies which your associate adheres to.  Here are some pointers which your business associate must abide by!

  • Multi-site data redundancy
  • Monitoring: Biometric scanning protocols, continuous surveillance
  • 24 x 7 production environment management
  • Internal security
  • Third-party assessments by external security firm
  • Quarterly administrative access audits
  • Multi-layer data access permissions
  • Partner security
  • Policy & procedure review


Encryption is not just about scrambling your data and granting limited and authorized access to it. It is one of the multilayers of a data security strategy that serves as the last and strongest line of defence. And, it also helps you maintain control over your data.

  • Proven transport layer security (TLS) technology
  • AES 256 at-rest encryption

Operational Management

Implementing policies and procedures to protect data, it is mandatory that you integrate, secure and are backed up to multiple physical locations. Also, continually assessing new security threats and implementing updated policies that are designed to avert unauthorized is a mandate!