Short form vs Long form Content : The Eternal Dilemma

My colleague and I had a healthy argument on one of our content campaigns. Bone of contention – should we opt for short or long for content for that specific campaign!

These kind of differences in opinion is not surprising, as there are schools of thought supporting both forms. Both forms have their own benefits. Short blog posts have proven to behelpful in tackling the lowering attention spans of your readers. On the other hand, statistics show that long blog posts can improve your ranking, bring more traffic and increase user engagement.

So, when I am asked to recommend short or long form content by clients, I answer that there is no one right choice for ideal content length. I advice them not to restrict their ideas to pre-concieved notions of which length works better.

Whether your post is long or short completely depends upon the purpose of the blog and the needs of your target audience. A guide or tutorial post will obviously be one of the longer ones, and an announcement or news post will be a short one.

Of course, if your audience shows a marked preference for either content length, you are free to choose topics that are suitable for it. Otherwise, it is best post a mix of short and long form content at regular intervals.

There is one other downside of sticking to a fixed content length. If you create only long posts, you might have to include filler content to reach the designated number of words. Vice versa, you might miss out on a vital point in order to wrap up the post within a lower word count.

How well your content will perform does not depend upon its length. Instead of fixating on content length, focus on providing value to your readers through every single word. Once you do this, the length will cease to matter.

In conclusion – The length is not your priority. Your priority is the subject matter, the content and the resonance it has with the intended audience. That value to the audience is what matters.

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