Should PPC be a part of every organization’s digital marketing plan?

It is undeniable that PPC campaigns if executed correctly can be profitable. And as a growing brand, you need higher visibility, which PPC campaigns will eventually lead to! But, I still doubt that all organizations are ready for that kind of volume generated by a successful ad campaign.

Hence, I don’t make PPC campaigns part and parcel of every client’s digital marketing plan, as I would do for social media posts. If I think of executing a PPC for a client, here is my checklist even before I propose it to the client.

1. Does the product/service category have enough demand? Is it searched for on the search engines? If not, then ads would not appear even with the right keywords.

2. I always ensure that the organization is ready for the exposure and has the capacity to handle the average volume of inquiries and leads expected from the paid campaign. Otherwise, even if we generate the inquiries, there is a rare chance of fulfilling those.

3. A landing page relevant to the paid ad is a must to capture inquiries from paid campaigns. Redirecting ads to a generic website home page would not be as effective. It will certainly gain footfall on the website, but generating inquiries and leads becomes a bit challenging.

4. One thing that has to be considered is the client’s budget, though it is easier on pockets than traditional marketing, PPC campaigns do need allocated and consistent funds to execute it successfully.

All the above conditions must be met for a wide visibility across the target audience. It is only when you execute meticulously thought out paid campaigns that you can get high value on your investments, with genuine inbound responders and queries.

Digital Marketing Manager TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.