Social Media – An easy way to appear as a spammer!

Spam, which is generally related to the emails, has now rooted itself in social media. The unwanted and irrelevant load of content that we see scrolling is increasing day by day. As an enthusiastic social media user, I find that the easiest and way to deal with this is to unfollow the page or the source of the content.

Just wonder what impression the spam content would make on a key influencer  or a decision-maker. No one wants to hear a message that blatantly betrays an intention to sell.

Now from the other side of the table as an organization. Of course, the organizations don’t have any other intention than helping out their customers. But, often the case is that the content becomes more about an organization itself rather than the customers. Company pages forget to weave the content around challenges and pain points of their audience. Moreover, if they are not using the content format that is easily digestible, it tends to drive the audience away

Hence, the overload of irrelevant content and social media spamming, by an organization adversely affects its reputation and followers, both alike. The key to not to appear as a spammer is simple – to not to be one!  Understand what your audience is looking for, connect with them through effective messaging and last, but not the least, do not sound repetitive and mechanical. Enjoy your own social media performance!

Sr. VP-Business & Strategy TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.