Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as Writers: Is it Feasible?

SMEs do play a pivotal role in creating effective content.They add the expertise and value to content that helps businesses come to an informed decision. This begs an answer to the million dollar question – If SMEs themselves can provide value through content, why do we need writers? Surely it would be more prudent to let SMEs be in charge of the content.

Let us try to get deeper into this!

Valuable content is that which resonates with the targeted audience. Unless the content answers relevant questions, provides clarity and solutions on pertinent issues; it has no use and relevance. That is the premise for effective content.

But, have you read blogs that tackle a complex technical problem? You’d know how most of them require more time (and sometimes even twice the perusals) to understand their takeaway. So, why would a businessman pressed for time, especially a key decision maker or influencer, bother to read such content end to end even once?

Marketing content not only has to add to the decision makers’ knowledge and convey business value, but also engage them enough to create a pull towards what you have to offer. It must generate enough interest and encourage enquiries. SMEs can admirably generate interest and get the audience thinking further about the subject matter. However, specific articulation and flow of the communication is almost always necessary to create tangible enquiries in the readers‘ minds. This may call for professional content writers who can fix that part to make the content wholesome. Seasoned writers can weave the inputs provided by the SMEs in a way that your message is easy to consume and highlights just the relevant pointers at the right places. In addition, they can set the tone, language, and content format in a way that most resonates with the audience.

To conclude, both SMEs and writers are important for shaping up a holistic content strategy. However, neither one can replace the other. Only a seamless confluence of SMEs and writers will enable you to create content that is truly effective, educative and engaging.

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