Support and enable your employees and their productivity with simple remote working practices

We are still coming to terms with the terms of the new working world. We must continue to work remotely wherever possible. We had already adapted to the world where remote working and remote teams are the norms but a new approach to management is needed to ensure that employees are productive. It is complex to keep teams productive, empowered and motivated in their work from afar, but there exist strategies that can be deployed to support your teams and ensure that your business continues uninterrupted.

Maintain motivation and engagement

CMOs acknowledge that it’s understandable that the initial few days or weeks of the current disturbing climate caused a flurry of activity. Teams and employees- in fact, all of us- are eager to show their willingness and to get comfortable with the newer techniques of working practices and communication. And maybe there is a factor of adrenalin involved with this new remote working routine?!

Things to be aware of:

1. The initially observed energy will be hard to maintain in the long run, thus it is necessary to create a rough schedule and timely check-ins.

2. Some employees might find it hard to adjust to the sudden change and influx of large volume of communication.

3. Be flexible to the needs and personalities of your colleagues, leadership, and team.

Remote working needs a different type of mindset and leaders will be required to give their team members the chance to get acclimated to the new system. Conference calls for the team members are important for increasing the morale, specifically if the calls are themed or have an informal edge while managing to complete the business at the same time.

Leaders need to appreciate the flexible nature of the modern working world, which has been accelerated drastically in the last few months or so! With home-learning and other activities, not all employees will be able to work for traditional office hours. Such factors should be kept in mind to ensure that employees are motivated and engaged. Successful leaders have already adopted the mentality of “it isn’t important where or when the work is completed, as long as it is of required quality and gets completed on time” to come to terms with the flexible timings.

Adapting to the changes

The current method of working may exist for quite some time so leaders need to adapt to it and continue with it to their better efforts. Management needs to find measures to empower and motivate the teams in their roles effectively.

Conduct regular meetings without overwhelming employees with daily calls. Many sectors have proved embracing change is easier and it is often easier than we imagine. The majority of the organizations observed a significant uptick in the use of Zoom and video conferencing calls. The conventional weekly team chat has converted into a scheduled Zoom call, and the true power of this tool cannot be underestimated. (Some might not- so respect their preferences and move on with it.)

A normal phone call keeps the updates running, but video conference calls allow for a more personalized touch, which many employees would appreciate.

Build a secure virtual workspace

Organizations should provide a secure work environment for employees to feel protected while working online. A traditional security protocol for organizations is simply incapable of proving the level of protection required in the current scenario. It should be the focus of the senior teams and management to provide the employees with all the tools and information required to complete work in a secured manner.

VPNs are often considered unnecessarily complex and leaders are wary of any security complication. However, VPNs have been used extensively in many countries with stricter censorship laws.

Remote-first SaaS uprising

The demand for software to better the remote working environment has skyrocketed in the past year. SaaS organizations have of course taken advantage of this boom, with new features in successful pre-existing software and tools. LogMeIn, FreeConferenceCall, BrandDive, and of course Zoom are some of the commonly used tools.

Leaders believe that the top-growth activities for SaaS organizations are the acquisition of new customer, which has been unavailable for many organizations in the current scenario. Organizations are trying to test the compatibility of different tools with new remote working teams. It allows those working in the SaaS domain to showcase what they do and leverage their skills to eliminate churn and retain and also attract new customers.

Blending personality and technology

The present-day technology and software are designed to make remote working as easy as possible, helping to make this scenario straightforward to navigate and even productive and enjoyable. Perfectly blending available personal skills with technology to motivate and empower your team is necessary for effective management in the current time. It may seem to be easier said than done; however, it is certainly achievable.

Sr. Content Writer TSL Marketing