Want to write a compelling sales proposal?

A Sales proposal is a direct reflection of a company’s depth of maturity. We can even claim that it is a sneak peek for prospective customers to know what kind of experience or service they can expect.  Any official documented proposal makes a statement for the company’s depth of business maturity. Let’s find out what goes into writing a sales proposal that hits all the right notes with your prospects:

1. A compelling Executive Summary is an essential part of the proposal. It not only summarizes the proposal but also reflects your understanding of the customer’s business eco-system. It lays out customer expectations from the proposal and how you will deliver on it. It also reflects on the values and best practices you have weaved into your approach.

2. The flow of the proposal should enable the customer to effortlessly visualize how the execution/ delivery will happen. Essentially, the proposal shall emphasize the ‘Solutions’ aspect of it and touch upon the What, When & Why of the proposal flow.

3. As in the Executive Summary, the content in all sections must highlight your genuine differentiators and how such differentiators add tangible value to the customer. Substantiate them with Annexures on testimonials, case studies, sample work, etc.

4. No size fits all. The same goes for the templates of your proposal. Just as every prospect or customer is unique, every proposal is unique too. Every proposal needs to be written as if it is a customized piece of document for just that one customer. This makes all elements such as the proposal flow, the solution, thought process, the references, the commercials, etc. fall in place; thus making the proposal naturally unique for that customer.

5. Depending on the nature of the solution, the proposal must preferably offer multiple options to the customer so that it can be looked at flexibly by the customer and make informed decisions. Customers like the flexibility of choosing from options on models, approach, timelines, pricing, terms, etc.

These are just few of the best practices that are practical, simple to implement, and effective. Would you like to add some more proposal best practices, based on your experience?

Co-Founder, TSL Marketing