What SEO Will Look Like in 2020

The World Wide Web is overflowing with millions of active websites, each of them locking horns for gaining the users’ attention. Website owners are caught up in the race to employ the best of search engine optimization practices to increase the quality and quantity of their website traffic. However, the past decade has witnessed many dynamic shifts in the workings of SEO. What worked for you last year may not make the cut in the next one. Let us see what major changes the turn of this decade has in store for this discipline.

Intentions Matter!

Google search algorithms have been drifting away from pure keywords to the intent behind the user query. The latest BERT update, considered as the most important after RankBrain, has only cemented this fact. To have this algorithm look favorably upon websites, SEO professionals are recommended to optimize their content with the users’ needs and thought process in mind, rather than just focusing on keyword placement and density.

An All You Can E-A-T Affair!

Gone are the days when you could hire a random freelancer and write ranking content. While it has been around for a while, 2020 will see Google placing more value on E-A-T, i.e. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness of a web page. With equal emphasis on both relevant and correct content, the search engine is focusing on rooting out websites with uninformed or potentially fraudulent content. To rank in the coming years, you have to really know what you are telling. Posting content on high-authority websites and including links to the author’s profile will go a long way to improve your E-A-T merit.

Sneak Peeks Prevail

Featured snippets, where a chunk of information is displayed at the top of the SERP, are growing increasingly popular. They are favored by internet users as they answer a query immediately. Studies show that content in a featured snippet can get 2x higher click-through-rate.

Vision of the Future

Voice search has long been deemed vital for SEO, but along with it, visual search has also been steadily gaining momentum. According to a study, visual search is wanted by 62% of millennials, over any other new technology. Thus, websites that are optimized for visual and voice search are more likely to fare better in terms of visibility.

Conclusion SEO is a dynamic discipline. In 2020, practices like keeping in mind the user intent, maintaining a solid E-A-T value and optimizing for modern technologies like visual and voice search will drive your SEO forward. Along with these, the true blue practices like link building, high quality content with videos and technical SEO will be the decisive factors for the position of your website on the SERPs.

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