When and why should businesses consider re-branding?

Congratulations! You have made a mark in the industry with years of hard work. People recognize you instantly for what you do the best – your business and the way your customers benefit from it! You have come a long way from where you had started off, and then tried and successfully expanded.

But, now your logo or other means of branding seem to be getting a little less relevant to your business, as compared to the time when you started. To you, they don’t represent you or position the business today, as you would like it. That includes your color schemes and the design, the overall value you want to offer to your target audience, your mission, vision, ideology of the business.

These are the similar thoughts of many SMBs today, especially the ones who have expanded over a span of few decades and are in search of business rebranding guidelines. However, they are apprehensive about rebranding. If they do rebrand themselves, will the audience be able to relate to the new form of their branding, will they respond positively?

I understand, it is not easy for businesses to just change and transform overnight, but sometimes rebranding becomes a must! And more so when you started with one of the products/services and now you have 10 of them!

As per the business rebranding guidelines, here’s when you should consider to re-brand your business –

1. When you think your branding has become blurry due to the time factor.

2. It is too generic for the services you currently provide.

3. You want to differentiate yourself and make your uniqueness sharper.

4. If your business has evolved and diversified over the years.

5. If you want to give your brand a fresh and contemporary look instead of having dated and irrelative branding.

Remember, rebranding is a serious and strategic step and can do wonders for your business if done rightly! It has to be planned and executed carefully and thoroughly, all the time keeping an eye on your audience, to achieve the desired results.

Marketing Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd