Why do warm leads go cold?

Why do only 2-3 out of 10 qualified leads go to closure? Why do seemingly warm leads wither away?

Lead generation remains the most important (and the most challenging) part of marketing. You could have done everything right – connected with the right target audience, evaluated the prospects with all the correct parameters including purchase time frame, budget and need. But somehow, even the warm leads you were hopeful about, went cold.

Why does this happen? In a practical situation, sales teams tend to focus on hot leads (among others) for closures since they are chasing targets! The not so hot or warm leads tend to fall in between cracks and don’t get the attention they need.  What can marketing do to help such a perpertual scenario? Marketing can take over the Nurturing & Progression (N&P) of the majority of not-so-hot and warm leads and hold them up. A good N&P methodology has the ability to keep you in the line of sight of your prospects and at top of recall.

Omni-channel N&P includes sharing of Persona specific content that could be solutions oriented, analysis that could be meaningfully consumed by your prospects, testimonial, trends etc. These could be shared over multiple channels that are well researched for their importance for your Persona.

Also, N&P includes a systematic and well-timed one-to-one outreach with each of your targeted buyers, talking their language, to assure them that you are in their orbit and are thinking about them. The key is to be available with a response as soon as they would like to reconnect.    

So, to prevent losing quality leads, make sure that after the initial connection you stay in contact with them to the very end of the sales funnel. Assure them that you are always ready to offer any advice or help, whenever they need it. 

Nurturing & Progression (N&P) down the funnel is all about alleviating your audiences‘ efforts in creating favorable circumstances to make buying decisions. 

Associate General Manager – Strategic business TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.