Why does SEO require so much patience?

Often, the clients I work with have approached me with the same concern – why can’t they expect a boost in website rankings in one month instead of three?

I have to make them understand that SEO is a “continuous work in progress” and not a one-shot process. You cannot post just one piece of content, however great, and expect your rankings to soar in the next few weeks.

The way Google algorithms work, unless you consistently post user-focused content, work on earning quality backlinks, and practice ethical SEO techniques, you will not be indexed by the search engine. Once you start doing so, Google will start rewarding you with a gradual climb in ranking until you appear among the top results. And with nearly every online business practicing SEO, it will indeed take a few months before you see the desired outcome. Even then, you will have to continue practicing SEO to maintain your position.

If you do see a website ranking higher in a suspiciously short amount of time, they have most likely followed some black hat SEO shortcuts. They may enjoy the dominant position for a while, but it will not take long for Google to notice something amiss and penalize the website. After all, if Rome had indeed been built in a day, all the wonderful architectures we admire today would have long been crumbled to dust, wouldn’t they?

So, even if immediate results sound tempting, only patience and consistency are rewarded when it comes to SEO. It might take a few, or maybe even several months to reach the position you desire, but with persistent efforts, you will certainly achieve it!

Digital Marketing Specialist TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd