Why is LinkedIn Significant in B2B Lead Nurturing

You are proactively searching for some service for your organization, and then you get a call from the provider itself. What do you do?  Go to LinkedIn and either search organization or the person! Or, you see some post about the same service on your LinkedIn account. Plus, the comments on the post from credible people! It certainly feels more genuine.

Organizations search services more on LinkedIn nowadays. LinkedIn has become the “amazon of B2B market”!

This is not what I state but, 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective platform for lead gen.

Here is why LinkedIn plays an important role in B2B lead generation.

#It is the single largest active community of professionals. More target audience means better probability of reaching your sales goals.

#LinkedIn has several features to prove your credibility such as verified skills, recommendation from people you have worked with. This helps you to create your persona on the social platform.

#You can write, read and share thought leadership content to show your prowess in your industry. You can also comment your thoughts on other’s posts.

#There are several groups for different topics, where professionals share their thoughts and engage in discussions and debates. Also, it is a good way to be updated!

#The inmail feature of LinkedIn is the best way to connect with your prospects.  It is a one on one conversation that can be effectively hyper-personalized.

#LinkedIn Sales Navigator! Though this is a paid tool, it has great returns. It takes a hyper-focused approach to target audience. It helps you set the right criteria based on location, industry, size of company etc.

Thus, when it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is the platform you dwell on! Right from marketing to thought leadership building, it helps you to reach right audience in an effective way.


B2B marketing is no more limited to emails and calls, but it has reached a point where hyper-personalization and hyper-segmentation has taken deep roots. LinkedIn is the platform that helps you to reach your audience on 1:1 basis and supports the above hyper-focused marketing in B2B space.

Marketing Content Writer TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd