You as a brand, the person behind your business!

An individual himself is a story, and with enough credibility and authority, his opinions and insights can prove to be a powerful influence. Social media has been leveraged by all organizations, for the last many years. But, thought leaders such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg also worked on building their personal brands along with their institutions. It wasn’t that people were unaware of their work, but it was a conscious effort to portray that their business is run by a human, for a human. Yes, I am talking about Personal Branding!

Now, most of us have a notion that personal branding is for celebrities and enterprise business owners. Also, we have a strong belief that it won’t work for the SMB leaders in B2B. According to my view, it is this class of business that needs most of the personal branding. Here’s why.

When I look for an SMB service provider for my own organization, I often look for the person behind the business and his experience in the service offered. It helps me to gain insight on whether the business knows about the current market situation and what thoughts are percolated to the business associates.

I generally prefer to go through these details on social media. There, I can access the business owner’s profile and also his thoughts, which demonstrates the leader’s credibility. If it is missing, a one-to-one talk directly is the solution, but it is not a practical and always available solution. This is exactly why small and medium-sized business leaders should start focusing on building a brand as an individual. Apart from the aforementioned points, the branding needs to be done very carefully as it is very easy to go overboard. Excessive steps towards personal branding may come across as desperation for business and have a negative impact on the audiences.

Also, having a mere social media account with your education and experience would not work! For your audience to see the human behind the business, they need to understand your views about the industry, and how you choose to react to it in a particular situation.

To achieve this objective, your personal page must strike the right balance between industrial thought leadership and your representation of current affairs that affect the business.

Digital Marketing Manager TSL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.