Channel Marketing

Channel marketers deal with a large number of variables up in the air at all times. With our structured methodology, we set up and manage your complete channel eco-system in a sustained manner, thereby enabling you to focus on building channel partner relationships, enhance partner loyalty, increase market share and generate revenues. Leverage TSL’s channel marketing experience for a ‘Win’ for all stakeholders.

Our channel marketing methodology endeavors to answer the million dollar question on an OEM’s mind – How to maximize a channel partner’s mind-share and thereby, the wallet share?

If you are a product OEM driving significant marketing budgets through the channel, our offering may be of interest and value to you!

TSL’s integrated channel marketing approach aims to support you with the following-

  • Position you and your solutions effectively amidst the din of channel competition
  • Be your virtual marketing account owner for your channel partners and distributors, making the partners feel belonged to your channel eco-system with deeper levels of marketing engagement
  • Objectively drive marketing investments to ensure tangible RoMI for both, you and your channel partners
  • Create brand visibility not just for you and your products but also for the partner and help establish them as thought leaders who represent your brand
  • Recruitment, Enablement and Activation of channel partners to ensure a steady growth of your channel network and revenue.

Through our planning and execution, our emphasis is on keep partner loyalty steadily high. Our integrated model also drives closer alignment of your channel partner marketing vision with that of yours

Our complete capability of channel marketing solutions include –

How we do it?

With a complete understanding of your channel eco-system and your channel marketing objective through active consulting and workshops, our team creates a unique digital,social media marketing and lead generation strategy for each of your partners.

TSL enables your channel partners effectively to bring in a steady stream of revenue generating leads with more than 20 years of proven creative expertise in integrated digital marketing solutions. Along with creating a joint marketing plan that completely ensures the alignment of partner plan with yours, we also analyze your channel partners’ strengths and preferences to ensure maximum returns for both of you. From tactical allocation of Channel Marketing Fund (CMF), to managing lead generation, nurturing and progression, TSL will be with your channel partner till the bottom of the sales funnel.

With our closed loop performance assessment system and clearly defined execution metrics, our team ensures that you get the RoMI you desire. Our trend analysis process looks into continuous improvements and course corrections, if required. Regardless of the geographical area, TSL becomes the complete virtual account manager of your channel partner. Apart from enhancing the efficacy of your up-stream and down-stream channel activity, we make sure to identify and resolve any channel conflict for a continuing profitable association and enhanced partner loyalty.

Partner Recruitment and Activation

If you want to expand your channel network to remote locations, we can reach out and recruit new partners according to your pre-defined criteria. Additionally, if any of your partner has been dormant for a while, our experts can target them and bring them back into the active partners fold.