Data and Profiling services

Enhance the efficacy of your marketing campaigns with our range of data and profiling services such as database creation, cleansing, updates, data entry, and deep profiling. Leverage TSL’s data services competency to give your marketing and sales efforts a shot in the arm in the direction of assured success.

Your marketing campaign is only as successful as your understanding of your target audience and the quality of contact details you have.

Your contact database lays a solid foundation for your brand and solutions’ awareness creation, quality lead generation, and nurturing & progression efforts. There is a vast amount of data available all over the web. Thus, collecting the data is not a challenge. The real test lies in closely analyzing the data and extracting useful insights to drive your marketing. Profiling can help you accurately target qualified audience for your marketing initiatives, so that you can elicit just the expected response. You can even identify their interests or concerns to personalize your communication.

To save you time and effort, TSL offers a wide range of data and profiling services. Along with an expert team of data analysts, profiling analysts, systems & platform experts, and market research analysts who are constantly working on collecting and profiling publicly available data, TSL also has an in-house repository of 500K+ business contacts across industry verticals and geography. With a strategic approach and an efficient QA process, our data services will propel your marketing efforts in the right direction.

List Building and Contact Discovery

This is where TSL creates a customized and comprehensive list of contacts based on criteria provided by you, such as their geographical location, industry vertical, company size, persona and title. You get an extensive list of prospects that have more chances of progressing into qualified leads.

Profiling and Mapping

TSL puts together a comprehensive list of details about your target audience including basic information about the company eg.their industry vertical, their employee strength, company size,  the number and types of computing devices, servers, storage, ERP and cloud used by them. This is just an example. TSL can do deeper profiling on accounts based on your requirement. Our team can even profile any key accounts specified by you.

Database Cleansing and Scrubbing

A database leaves a lot of room for duplicate data and inaccuracies. Poor quality data can negatively impact your business. If you have an existing database that needs scrubbing, cleansing and updating, leave it to us! Our team will take care of that with a systematic methodology to cleanse and update the data and make it current.