White Paper Syndication Driven Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

White Paper Syndication – just the content needed by your prospects, at the right time!

White Paper syndication is one of the top content driven marketing tools for a powerful lead generation initiative.

When it comes to making crucial decisions about selecting the right technology solutions, enterprise buyers heavily rely on researched content. White Paper provides you with the relevant researched content that help you identify and evaluate the right solution and assist you to have a positive impact on the ROI for your marketing strategy.

Align your messaging with the prospect's needs

The more the content is aligned with your audience’s needs, better the chances are of conversion.

With White Paper syndication we ensure you generate relevant opportunities, overcome lead generation challenges and leverage desired outcome. In our experience a well-written White Paper alone is a robust marketing campaign in itself. Discover how you can create valuable content at each stage of sales cycle with TSL

We take a process & result-oriented approach to marketing and demand generation with TSL. Proven in some of the world’s most challenging IT marketing environments.


It’s imperative not to miss out on an opportunity to engage your prospects with right content. You may not know what stage of the evaluation cycle they are in.

White Paper are great source to create an impact on the traffic you generate on your website and leads you capture.


The biggest challenge faced by marketers today is to maintain a steady and streamlined content flow that adds to organizational credibility, engage more leads and to nurture the qualified ones.


Here is what white Paper can do:

Educate and engage prospects. And helps you build your brand

  • Fills your sales funnel with warm qualified
    (opt-in) prospects
  • Boosts traffic to your website
  • Capture intent data (digital footprints)
  • Turn interest into sales action

Our Differentiators

TSL White Paper case-studies

  • Asia’s leading event management company resolves low sales closure and longer cycle times challenge
  • White Paper syndication enhances visibility and awareness for a digital marketing and media company
  • Fortune100 global documentation company Defies the obstacles of making consultative pitch

1. Asia's leading event management company resolves low sales closure and longer cycle times challenge

Customer is Asia’s leading Event management company. Their challenge was low probability of sales closures and longer cycle times. They desired a higher probability of closures and TSL enabled it by a combined methodology of White Paper email campaign followed up by tele-outreach. TSL specialists positioned the solution offering in the context of the prospects’ business.


TSL delivered leads that were warm and open to further communication for the client


2. White Paper syndication enhances visibility and awareness for a digital marketing and media company

The customer is a leading digital marketing and media company. The ask was to enhance visibility and awareness of their solutions with a targeted audience that was very specific in terms of industry verticals and contact profiles. TSL designed systematic campaign that involved a timed set of email teasers, follow-up and telephonic conversation regarding the solution.


This helped client to establish direct and solution specific conversations with the leads

3. Fortune100 global documentation company defies the obstacles of making consultative pitch

Customer is a Fortune100 global documentation company. Given the wide applications of its products across large and SMB markets, it is imperative that the customer marketing and sales teams have accurately profiled data to make educated decisions on offers and customer acquisition.


TSL used its proven profiling methodology to gather prospect eco-system intelligence that helped the customer understand its products’ exact fitment into each profiled account. This helped client make appropriate consultative pitches to each account.

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