Life at TSL

Life at TSL is ‘Exuberant’!

For those of you who love to do what you do; TSL is the place for you to explore your passion, fuel your dreams and unleash your talent uninhibitedly!

At TSL, good work is rewarded with new opportunities of growth. At TSL you will find associates in leadership and business decision-making roles in their mid-20s. We love to work with those who can think out-of-the box, who come with fresh and unique ideas at work with the same dare devil spirit to explore and implement them.

With ‘work is fun’ attitude ingrained in our work culture; you get to work in a fabulous environment and on some of the coolest projects ever! TSL opens up a plethora of opportunities for career advancement by providing, learning opportunities and growth-oriented environment to the right people at the right time.

At TSL there is never a dull moment, as it is full of special occasions, employee engagement activities and training-workshops; such as team building activities, celebrations, team outings, domain specific trainings, meditation sessions, get-togethers, team lunches, and much more…

 The perfect work-life balance at TSL keeps our productivity, efficiencies high and the enthusiasm ever increasing!

If you wish to give “wings” to your career TSL is the right place for you!

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