Outbound Marketing

TSL’s consultative lead generation and nurturing capabilities enrich the quality of your lead pipeline. Our solutions and probing based tele-outreach competency ensures that you have the best possible conversions. An integrated lead generation, nurturing & progression methodology helps reduce your sales cycle-times and hence, enhance revenues.

Outbound marketing has its own definite place in the marketing and demand generation process. Integrated effectively with other marketing elements, it can deliver outstanding returns in the form of a qualified pipeline for your sales teams.

This is exactly why TSL continues to emphasize on its model of effective outbound marketing. Looked upon as a traditional form of marketing, this is where you introduce your products or services by initiating contact with potential leads. This approach lets you reach out to a wider audience one-to-one, quickly. In recent years, in-bound marketing has gained significant traction and for all the right reasons. Going a step ahead, you realize that the best is yet to come when you adopt an integrated marketing approach with a seamless blend of ‘in-bound’ and ‘out-bound’ marketing tactics.

Why Choose TSL?

TSL’s proven outbound marketing expertise spans the entire journey from converting mere contacts & enquiries to qualified leads to revenue generating customers. Our tele-outreach and lead management solutions ensure that you attract new audience, and get the best possible conversions in shorter sales cycle times.

Enterprise Lead Generation

Lead generation is the top challenge for two-third of marketers! This is where you identify actual influencers and buyers and qualify their interest & definite need for your products or services. The biggest obstacles faced by companies is-

  • Identifying who the actual influencers or buyers are
  • Qualifying them as a lead

With 20 years of helping customers with hands-on lead generation and Nurturing & Progression experience, TSL ensures filling your pipeline with just the level of qualification that allows you greater chances of conversion.

Nurturing and Progression

Sustained Nurturing & Progression of leads is a capability that comes only with hands on experience in generating leads and understanding of the consultative sales process.

TSL’s N&P services are optionally integrated with lead generation and are a set of sales activities aimed at nurturing the leads further down the funnel. The goal is to ensure leads across various stages are consistently headed towards a definite outcome in definite time frame. Our N&P model has helped a large number of our OEM customers maximize their RoMI and also RoI in the form of revenue conversions. TSL’s specially trained senior analysts and SMEs typically lead the N&P initiatives.

The following category of leads are typical candidates for Nurturing & Progression in TSL’s model –

  • Leads that have fallen on the back burner in the sales process
  • Further qualification required on parameters such as time frames, budgets, needs etc
  • Leads that are potential prospects but no current visibility
  • Leads that have been qualified up to a specific level by your sales team, however, no further movement

We also nurture leads that are already a part of your lead pipeline and need attention to activate them i.e. leads that have gone dormant and need reaching out to. We also constantly nurture leads out of customers’ CRM.

Talk to us to know more on how we can help you with Nurturing & Progression.

Lead & Response Management

A large pipeline of leads is only as good as its management with a sound response system.  It takes a system to track enquiries and leads at different stages of the funnel and respond with appropriate communication with them in a timely manner. A typical trap that the sales team falls into is letting a large volume of warm leads fall between the crack while focusing on the most qualified ones. And that is necessary too!

How do you handle this conundrum? TSL has a proven system for lead and response management that ensures that no lead or enquiry is left behind.

Audience recruitment, RSVP process management for Events & Webinar

Efficacy of events and webinar is entirely defined by the audience that meaningfully participates in them. This audience is a group of potential leads for you that you shall nurture further in your engagement process.

TSL has 15 years+ experience in creating and deploying the right message to the targeted audience and driving audiences to your events & webinars. Our methodology has ensured that we have recruited the most appropriate audiences, with genuine relevance and authority, for events & webinars of all formats  – large, small, CXO ,Breakfast meet, SME round tables etc.

We could help you maximize the return on your investment in events such as these in the form of attendees and subsequently also support you to nurture them.