Inbound Marketing

TSL’s portfolio of inbound (Digital) marketing services has one primary goal – generate steady and sustained traffic of in-bound communication from the targeted audience, in the form of leads, enquiries and feedback.

It can get tricky tying sustained investments in digital marketing with tangible RoI. However, it is not just a ‘nice to have’ metric but an imperative that all digital investments must return quantifiable outcome of pipeline, that can eventually convert to revenues. That’s the bottom-line, or as they say- that’s when the ‘rubber meets with the road’.

This is precisely TSL’s endeavor with our integrated digital marketing capabilities. We help you enable revenues.

The other absolutely essential objective is to help position your brand, company and solutions in your chosen markets and with your chosen audience of decision makers. This is easier said than done.  The reason we say this is that this calls for a confluence of a few capabilities such as –

  • Understanding the essence of your business and your solutions
  • Position your value with your customers and differentiators as you would like them to perceive
  • Creative ability to conceptualize digital marketing campaigns
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently execute campaigns to deliver predicted outcomes for you
  • Ability to think strategic and execute ‘in the moment’ – all at the same time

TSL brings all of these above capabilities to you to help drive your digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days when one put together stand-alone services such as SEO, content writing, PPC, Social media marketing, design etc and claimed to have  ‘digital marketing’ expertise. All of these are means to the end; and not the end in themselves.

A predictive outcome is the result of matured & systematic integration of each of these in right measures, coupled with deep understanding of the buying cycle and the buyer Persona.

Tele-outreach bolt-on for Qualifying, Nurturing & Progression

TSL further adds punch to its digital marketing portfolio by offering a perfectly integrated model with its ‘Tele-outreach’ capability that allows us to qualify, nurture and progress inbound traffic generated from the digital campaigns.

Content Development and Marketing

TSL understand technology solutions. Our content reflects not just writing flair and language by also demonstrates subject matter understanding that resonates with your audience. For eg. when we write a blog for an Enterprise solution, our writers work closely with our SMEs and ensure that the essence of what needs to be delivered is captured accurately. Our aim is to ensure that when YOUR audience reads your content (written by us on your behalf) they know its value to them and their eco-system.  Our team adopts high-performing types of content marketing such as –

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Landing pages/microsites
  • Case studies
  • Social media content
  • EDMs (e-mails) content
  • Advertising content
  • Flyers content
  • Brochure content
  • Newsletters
  • PPTs
  • Infographics

Social Media Marketing

At TSL, we know the importance of establishing a brand’s identity and recognition on social media. Our social media posts focus on the benefits of your product or service for the customers. The aim is to make your audience understand the value of your solution, so as to encourage engagement and generate buyer’s interest. The strategically published content will ensure that the traffic to your website turns into a steady stream of revenue generating leads.

Our team will not only make sure that the prospects will be nurtured throughout the buying process, but also help you maintain profitable, long-lasting relationships with your existing customer base.

We will keep you updated on the status of generated leads with analytical reports.

Email Marketing

Our well-planned series of emails successfully guides prospects through the sales funnel to the bottom. We make sure that your target audience is made aware, or is updated about your solution at the right time. The content and graphics team makes sure that the emails are created in a way that conforms with your brand’s message. They will highlight your product and CTAs effectively to obtain highest possible engagement.

TSL has also brought to you mailPunch, an email marketing platform that lets you automate your email marketing campaigns. You can schedule bulk email campaigns designed to fetch the maximum possible hit ratio. The tool will provide you real-time analysis so that you can adjust your marketing strategy according to the metrics.

As an added benefit, we will also share complimentary monthly marketing tips, derived from our 20+ years of experience as a leading integrated marketing company.

LinkedIn Nurturing

By connecting with the right professionals from your industry on your behalf, TSL will help you improve credibility in the eyes of your target audience; making them more open to move down the sales funnel. Being more visible on the professional platform will bring in more opportunities to expand your business.

More than just building connections, we keep meaningful solutions and company specific communication going, with the objective of generating interests and enquiries. Paid Advertisement (PPC)

Through PPC, TSL positions your brand at the place you want it to be.  Each keyword is selected keeping the user intention in mind, so that you only get the highest quality leads through organic traffic. We keep a close eye on the ad performance and provide you weekly reports on click through rates, quality rank, etc.

Website and Landing Pages

Your website is your virtual office. Your digital existence revolves around the website. Ergo, it has to be the best for you.With TSL, you will get more than just a website that is responsive, SEO and user friendly. Our writers can create highly relevant, personalized content for your website that demonstrates your industry expertise, keeping in mind the mission and vision of your brand. Your web presence will be a seamless composition of landing pages with a seamless backend workflow and compelling CTAs, designed to convert website visitors into a viable leads.

Graphic Designing

Our graphics do more than aesthetically appeal to your audience! Our clean design always stays in line with your brand personality, and showcases your solution so as to direct the readers’ attention to the area you need them to focus on.

TSL creates eye-catching visuals to complement the content in the form of –

  • Images
  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Banners
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures, flyers, handouts
  • PPT design