TSL Consulting, a leading integrated marketing solution provider with 25+ years of experience in the North American market, brings to you
a comprehensive suite of services designed to amplify your marketing efforts and drive impactful results

Our Services

CDQA (Contact Discovery and Quality Assurance)

TSL excels in delivering Contact Discovery and Quality Assurance services, employing cutting-edge technology and advanced data analysis techniques. Our team navigates diverse data sources, utilizing sophisticated search algorithms to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of potential customer, partner, and stakeholder contact information. We also provide quality assessment services, meticulously eliminating errors, duplicates, and invalid entries. Our overarching goal is to optimize your outreach endeavors, facilitating precise connections with the right individuals at the opportune moment. 

MQL / Whitepaper Syndication

 MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads): TSL specializes in lead generation and qualification, employing diverse marketing techniques to identify and engage potential customers. Our rigorous qualification process ensures that only high-quality leads are seamlessly transferred to your sales team for further cultivation. Regular reporting and analysis are integral components of our service, offering insights to refine marketing strategies and enhance Return on Investment (ROI).
White Paper Syndication: Engage audiences through the dissemination of insightful white papers meticulously crafted by our collaborative efforts. TSL’s White Paper Syndication services leverage an extensive network of partners and platforms, ensuring targeted distribution. Regular reporting and analysis provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact generated by white paper campaigns, allowing for continual optimization and improved results. 

Opt-in data (consent data)

Upholding the highest ethical standards, TSL provides Opt-in data services, ensuring that all collected data has been obtained through explicit consent. Committed to data privacy, this service enables clients to access accurate and up-to-date information, fostering compliance with data protection regulations. Building stronger customer relationships is facilitated through the delivery of personalized services based on the consented data. 

Inside Sales as- a Service

TSL stands as a market leader in delivering ‘Inside sales as- a –service’, leveraging expertise in market research, strategy development, and sales enablement. Our collaborative approach involves closely understanding your specific business needs, culminating in tailored solutions to achieve your objectives. With a proven track record, our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to every partner. 

Our Clients

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